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Game On! or Groundead Death?

Posted by Gamers-Gear - August 30th, 2007

I have recently practising more on Koolmoves and is starting to be really happy whit my current skills, And I have started out whit some movies I wanted to make back then I first started in 05, but Im not sure what I should start whit.

Game On! is currently a webcomic about videogames, popculture ect (yet only one strip has been made) but I wanted to make some animations to it to give it some more life.

Groundead Death: "The fear of death, is an illusion" (spelled like that becuse of...well you know...the dead thing at the end...) Is a Comic-ish Action Movie (well Im not 100% sure, but something like XIII) About a man living his life as a "good hearted" Hitman, driving a moded Toyota Supra. And having platinum memebership at the local gunshop "Headshot". getting jobs from his Nightclub owning friend. (stuff WILL happen, Im not so sure how the plot will go)

All comments, toughts and questions welcome.

Game On! or Groundead Death?

Comments (4)

I used to use koolmoves, its a very good program, but it far too basic IMO. Even though it is a hell of a lot easier to use, and if you are a noob with using flash, i would recomend using it.

Nice work on those drawings, they look very nice! :D

Keep it up dude! It's nice to see that I'm not the only one who has used koolmoves :P

Everytime I open Flash I just get bored, the huge number of windows, cant figure out how to edit the gradient, always forget how to make this and that,

Koolmoves on the other hand was wery clear, had alot of space to draw on, and the new filters and 3D fx makes it even more fun!

The only bad thing is that Newgrounds appers to think that Flash is the only software, like this "must-have-official-preloader-to-
enter-contest-bullshit", and the preloaders are far too advanced to copy

Still I might go to Flash, but Koolmoves's auto layers have saved me more than once to ruin my art.

Anyway, thanks and I WILL keep it up! not even god can stop me! :D

fuck you

Mature much?

Hey buddy. Question for ya. I've been wanting to make a flash...just a short one...Just over a minute in total. I've drawn the backgrounds, and have all the sound finished and put together for 4 scenes (including the intro), and have drawn up the characters...

Sadly, my flash skills are poooooorly lacking. My mouse sucks ass, and I'm having a hell of a time with my flash program. Would you be interested in helping me out? I can send you the whole idea via PM or Email if you are interested.

Are you using Koolmoves? becuse if you don't then I can't help you, becuse of koolmoves's save files is .fun instead of .fla But I will be happy to help!

You did a gewd job on this Supra.My fav. car.