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Boredom can give born to good stuff

A nice illustrated flash with alot of things going on, the punchline was, to be honest, not what I expected, I dunno how you did it, but you made it unpredictable, and hilarous.

It's short and sweet, but a little more animation into it could possibly make it a bit better. But it's great as it is.

I give it 8 stars.

Merry Christmas!

I was impresed by the song actally, Jimtopia has already started to feel like a popular series I used to watch years and years ago.

Merry Christmas, old pal, you're doing good.

Jimtopia responds:

Thanks for sticking by me all these years man.


An orgasm of epic awesomeness!

Jimtopia responds:

Nice description. :)

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Du gjorde ett Hyfsatt job, inget mer tuvär, jag såg ganska snabbt att du använder Koolmoves, korekt?

PS Kalla oss inte för bögar, det gör det svårare att ta dina flashar på allvar!


wow... i mean just...wow... i can hardly tell you how great this game is... im almost to amazed to type... even tough the lip sync wasnt A+ im still giving this a 10/10 becuse a small thing like that has nothing to do whit the quality of the gameplay it self... keep it up! would love to see more :)

its great!

one of the best tutorials, history, how guns work, and how too draw them exelent! haha im kind of a gun geek myself, even tough i have never had a real gun in my hands, (exept an old hunting rifle) btw could we talk? im a gun designer and by looking at this tutorial, you know waaaaaaaayyyyy more about guns than me, so mabey you could help me make them look realistic, pm me if you are interested.

P.S merry X-mas :)

scrimpy responds:

Thank you, I haven't come to responding yet.
Well, my msn is krautwurst7521@hotmail.com

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Love it!

Dunno if it should be called "simple", it's really nice as it is, got a special atmosphere, I think this will even help boosting my motivation on my current project.

Just love listening to it, it even makes me close me eyes just to focus hard on hearing the guitar doing it's dirty, oh, so dirty dance.

Thansk for submitting this BM.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Hell o Gamers. Great to see you, dude.
Thanks for the great review. Glad you like it. I was inspired by porn. :) Specifically compilation vids. haha.

Good call on the dirty.


This is most definitely something I would hear on the dance floor in some local club. It's solid, fun, and groovy. Can't say anything more about that.

Druids-Warcry responds:

hey man, im glad you enjoyed! KEEP ON DANCING!

Fuck yeah!

Even then you are half dead you create the best shit around! it's like if your hands has a life of it's own!

On another note: a little thing called BloodLust is coming along nicely!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Pfft, I barely remember making this fucker. haha.
And its about bloody time I heard some sort of update for the fuckiest fucking game on the earth.:D

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