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Posted by Gamers-Gear - June 25th, 2010

I wonder what this thing is. :B


Posted by Gamers-Gear - February 2nd, 2010

This is something I have been thinking a lot on, as I played Modern Warfare 2 countless of times before, one disappointing thing about it is that there is no real feel of helping out players other than putting some extra bullets in your enemy, getting an assist that way, no medkits, no way to give out ammo or anything, unless you call for the drop package and just let the others loot it, but of course, that is quite a stupid thing to do since you risk on giving it to the enemy due to the extra time on taking the package.

As I was playing the PC beta on Bad Company 2, everything felt completely different this time around, I felt like I was a part of a good cause, or at least, helpful, as I was dropping out ammo boxes to my squad members up on the sniping hill (as I like to call it), while they obviously where too busy spotting enemies, I still felt like they at least appreciated the extra ammo, they would run out sooner or later anyway.

Another thing on being helpful is the times you spot an enemy tank, but you don't have the means to fully counter it, looking straight at it and pressing Q (Communication Button) is always a good way to go, letting your team know that there is a tank around, and exactly where, might give your team the upper hand before it's too late.

Why Battlefield is a good example on this is not only because you can aid your fellow players on the battlefield by other means than killing, but DICE also designed it so it's heavily encouraged, you get points for healing, reviving, restocking, saving, and even points if a team member kills a target you marked with the Communication button.

In short, maybe this is what MW2 is missing to be truly great, other than the obvious need of dedicated servers. the form of being helpful, TF2 has it in many ways, I always thank the Medic for example, and I always thank the Engineer that built that dispenser in the corner as well, I always thank a team mate if he just saved my hide from a insane pyro, or any other classes that might be wanting to paint me with my own blood.

In short, being able to help your team and get rewarded for it, or at least encourage the player to do it in one or many ways, might be the key for a more fun experience, or a more friendly one, if anything, I'm tired of being shouted out as a "noob" or insulted in some other way because of things I couldn't even do anything about, I think we all can agree that we should always obey the Golden Rule even in gaming for the best experience, but, well, just don't be helping the other team. Alright?

What do you think? Should we all try to be helpful in videogames, or should we all be lone wolf commandos and just do everything for your own benefits and never trust anyone?

Posted by Gamers-Gear - April 1st, 2009

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Posted by Gamers-Gear - March 12th, 2008

well I got my old computer back, twice as much RAM as the old one, and it had 256 RAM...

well anyway, enough about my emo computers, well Halo Freaks is up and running again, however delayed ass hell for grapic experiments and ect, altough I don't think I can call it a delay as I never posted a deadline (I HATE deadlines...)

some people may remember my game "Pedal to the Metal: Mod Edition", I promised that I would make a update, but I never did, and it has been over a year now, so Im moving my ass in order to finish what I have started, hopefully making the most detailed create-a-ride fan game ever! The project has been renamed to "Underground 2ner" for wierd reasons, you can find the new theme song I mixed in Hip-Hop eJay 5 here!

In other news, I remember watching THIS old teaser back in 05, before the Xbox 360 wa realesed, then I saw it I thought the consept was AWESOME, but I knew it would be a next-gen only title, and pushed it away from my memory so I couldn't be so disappointed, mostly becuse I knew it would be hard to get a next-gen becuse I am almost always broke. 3 years later (now) I find 3 SUPER MEGA AWESOME VIDEOS!!!!

( Note: before you say "GTA clone" this MMO is made by THE David Jones! he MADE GTA! )

Alot of shit going on!

Posted by Gamers-Gear - November 16th, 2007

Some minor update on Halo Freaks! it's starting to look better than last time, some minor edit's on chief's left shoulder and I traced up the assualt rifle! (the spartan armor is however NOT traced)

I'm still a little unsure on what maps I will use, I have some fav's on Halo (the first one, I don't have Halo 2, or 3), but I think some of them will be a bit lame, anyway if you have a suggestion on what map I should make, then post the name of it, and I will check it out.

Halo Freaks is simply about the 4 teams fighting for victory, and ANYTHING can happen in this wacky serie! as far as I know it, the teams is Green, Red, Blue, and Black. Featuring some known and not-so-know NG members! (I will only put my friends on this movie).

Also X-mas is up in just a month (and days), So I hope I will get an Xbox360, Prenium version of course, I was going for the PS3, but it's still too expensive so maybe in the future however, I can't wait to kill some zombies in Dead Rising and gangbang in Saints Row! And lets not forget Halo 3!

I think that's it! so here is a small screen!

Halo Freaks, Second news post

Posted by Gamers-Gear - October 11th, 2007

Today is my 17th birthday! at the morning I got a CD of "My Chemical Romance: The black parade" and some candy for the long bus ride to school, I haven't got my main presents yet, but I expect something fun, expensive that begins whit a P, and ends whit a 3 :D.

EDIT: Ok I didn't get a PS3, but I did get 2 dynamic stereo headphones! and my first Tablet ever! OMFG! :D

Anyway enough about me, Im working on a Halo parody (Insert epic orginality here) Unlike my other projects this one didn't end up in the trashcan, becuse I realised that I was constatly looking for a easy way to make "awesome" flash and earn respect from other NG'ers, So I started whit "Halo Freaks", and I will not stop until this is done!

"Halo Freaks" is set on Bungie's "Halo", featuring me and my friends in a battle between 4 teams, Green, Red, Blue, and Black, using the classic Halo 1 weapons.

Current version of master chief still a W.I.P

Teaser of the menu

17th Birthday! and first "Halo Freaks" post!

Posted by Gamers-Gear - September 26th, 2007

Im sick and tired of "working" on my shitty art constatly day in and day out, Im sick and tired of only making menu's for stupid ass flash that I dont even finish.

Now Im going to bed, sleep for some hours, wakeup, go to school, and then I get home, I will start a flash that will make you atleast smile, and doing this on a reglar basic, It's time for me, "Gamers-Gear motherfucking Entertainment" to start making flash again!

And I don't give a fucking damn if you don't like my flash, my contry, my stupid voice, my long hair, my friends, or my parents.

Thank you, and good night.


Posted by Gamers-Gear - August 30th, 2007

I have recently practising more on Koolmoves and is starting to be really happy whit my current skills, And I have started out whit some movies I wanted to make back then I first started in 05, but Im not sure what I should start whit.

Game On! is currently a webcomic about videogames, popculture ect (yet only one strip has been made) but I wanted to make some animations to it to give it some more life.

Groundead Death: "The fear of death, is an illusion" (spelled like that becuse of...well you know...the dead thing at the end...) Is a Comic-ish Action Movie (well Im not 100% sure, but something like XIII) About a man living his life as a "good hearted" Hitman, driving a moded Toyota Supra. And having platinum memebership at the local gunshop "Headshot". getting jobs from his Nightclub owning friend. (stuff WILL happen, Im not so sure how the plot will go)

All comments, toughts and questions welcome.

Game On! or Groundead Death?