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Alot of shit going on!

Posted by Gamers-Gear - March 12th, 2008

well I got my old computer back, twice as much RAM as the old one, and it had 256 RAM...

well anyway, enough about my emo computers, well Halo Freaks is up and running again, however delayed ass hell for grapic experiments and ect, altough I don't think I can call it a delay as I never posted a deadline (I HATE deadlines...)

some people may remember my game "Pedal to the Metal: Mod Edition", I promised that I would make a update, but I never did, and it has been over a year now, so Im moving my ass in order to finish what I have started, hopefully making the most detailed create-a-ride fan game ever! The project has been renamed to "Underground 2ner" for wierd reasons, you can find the new theme song I mixed in Hip-Hop eJay 5 here!

In other news, I remember watching THIS old teaser back in 05, before the Xbox 360 wa realesed, then I saw it I thought the consept was AWESOME, but I knew it would be a next-gen only title, and pushed it away from my memory so I couldn't be so disappointed, mostly becuse I knew it would be hard to get a next-gen becuse I am almost always broke. 3 years later (now) I find 3 SUPER MEGA AWESOME VIDEOS!!!!

( Note: before you say "GTA clone" this MMO is made by THE David Jones! he MADE GTA! )

Alot of shit going on!

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I can't name 1 game where coppers aren't the bad guys.
Screw you, Johnny Nyberg!

I pray to the great god of videogaming that you will make sense in atleast ONE of my newspost!

Good luck with your game man. Its really comin along really nicely so far.

You DO know that this news post was posted in like, a million years ago, right?

But thanks anyway.